The 11th IEEE International Workshop on
Trusted Collaboration (TrustCol 2016)

The key goal of this workshop is to foster active interactions among diverse researchers and practitioners, and generate added momentum towards research in finding viable solutions to the security and privacy challenges faced by the current and future collaborative systems and infrastructures. 

We solicit unpublished research papers, both regular (8 pages max) and short (4 pages max) papers, that address theoretical issues and practical implementations/experiences related to security and privacy solutions for collaborative systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Secure dynamic coalition environments
  • Privacy control in collaborative environments
  • Secure workflows for collaborative computing
  • Policy-based management of collaborative workspace
  • Secure middleware for large scale collaborative infrastructures
  • Security and privacy issues in mobile collaborative applications
  • Security and privacy challenges in cloud-based collaborative applications
  • Security and privacy issues in collaborative Internet of Things
  • Security challenges and solutions in software-defined collaborative networks
  • Security challenges and solutions in virtual collaborative networks
  • Identity management for large scale collaborative infrastructures
  • Semantic web technologies for secure collaborative infrastructure
  • Trust models, trust negotiation/management for collaborative systems
  • Access control models and mechanisms for collaboration environments
  • Protection models and mechanisms for peer-to-peer collaborative environments
  • Delegation, accountability, and information flow control in collaborative applications
  • Intrusion detection, recovery and survivability of collaborative systems/infrastructures
  • Security of web services and grid technologies for supporting multidomain collaborative applications
  • Insider threats in collaborative systems/applications

Proposed Workshop Structure
Keynote Speech and/or a Panel
Presentations 20 minutes each – we expect about 10 full/short papers.