Amy W. Apon, Ph.D. : Professor, Chair & Lab Director

Amy W. Apon, Ph.D.

Professor, Chair & Lab Director

In addition to directing the Data Intensive Computing Ecosystems (DICE) lab, I currently serve in the Clemson School of Computing as Chair of the Division of Computer Science, and co-Director of the Complex Systems, Analytics, and Visualization Institute (CSAVI). We are exploring new research opportunities with federal agencies, industry, and foundations, and welcome new ideas. During 2015 I was assigned as a Program Officer at the National Science Foundation. I maintain an active research program at Clemson. Areas of research interest include performance modeling and analysis of parallel and distributed system, data-intensive computing, and use of commercial cloud systems for research.
Alexander Herzog : Ph.D. and Assistant Lab Director

Alexander Herzog

Ph.D. and Assistant Lab Director

Dr. Herzog is a Lecturer in the School of Computing, Director of the
Senior Design/Capstone program in Computer Science, and Research
Scientist in the Data Intensive Computing Ecosystems (DICE) Lab. His
research is in computational social science, with a focus on text
analysis and big data analytics. Dr. Herzog's work develops and
applies scalable solutions to process and extract knowledge from large
volumes of unstructured data, such as speeches, social media,
scientific publications, and newspaper articles. He uses insights
extracted from these data to study political and social problems in
the areas of comparative politics, legislative behavior, and public

Siddhant Aggarwal : Masters student

Siddhant Aggarwal

Masters student

Siddhant is a Masters student in Computer Science at Clemson. His interests include Data Structures, Algorithms and Machine Learning. He is currently doing research oriented towards image classification and live streaming architecture.

Farah Alshanik : Ph.D. student

Farah Alshanik

Ph.D. student

Farah is a PhD student in Clemson. Her interest is focused on applying high performance computing to machine learning problems. Currently she is working on improving the performance of some of machine learning algorithms.

Jason Anderson : Ph.D. Candidate

Jason Anderson

Ph.D. Candidate

Jason is a third year Ph.D. student in Computer Science, with a focus on HPC systems. His interests include high performance networking and computing architecture, and his past research projects have involved software defined networking, network functions virtualization, dynamic network topologies, and synthetic data generation. He also enjoys working on old text games written in C, for some strange reason

Yuheng Du : Ph.D. Candidate

Yuheng Du

Ph.D. Candidate

I received my Master of Science degree from University of Florida in Computer Engineering in 2011. I joined the Data Intensive Computing Ecosystem lab in 2013 and since then my research has been focused on Natural Language Understanding, Unstructured Timestamped Data Analytics and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Chris Gropp : Ph.D. Candidate

Chris Gropp

Ph.D. Candidate

Chris earned his Master of Science degree from Clemson University in 2016. His primary interest is in redefining the way we approach machine learning in text analysis. His work explores how to utilize parallel resources to traditionally serial problems, while ensuring that the results of such experiments actually solve the problem. Chris is an National Research Trainee-ship (NRT) fellow and currently collaborating with a team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Christopher Flathmann : Undergraduate

Christopher Flathmann


Chris is interested in Machine learning and high performance computing. His main research is working with HPCC systems. He started working in the lab in January 2018.

Jeremy Meier : Undergraduate

Jeremy Meier


Jeremy is a third-year undergraduate student in Clemson University. He is originally from Greenville, South Carolina. He is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Digital Production Arts. His research is currently focused on distributed computing and machine learning within HPCC systems. Other interests include bionics and animation.

Ramu Nerella : Masters Student

Ramu Nerella

Masters Student

I am a graduate student in Computer Science department. I joined Data intensive computing ecosystem lab in Aug, 2016. My research interests include Data analytics, Parallel and Distributed computing. My current research involves working with Hadoop MapReduce program for large-scale genomic sequencing tasks.

David Noh : Undergraduate

David Noh


David is a undergraduate 3rd year student, majoring in Computer Science with B.S conducting research with a focus on machine learning algorithms on the HPCC systems. Interests include machine learning algorithms and high performance computing.

Brandon Posey : Ph.D. Candidate

Brandon Posey

Ph.D. Candidate

Brandon is currently a graduate student who completed his Masters degree in Computer Science in May 2016 and is currently working on his Ph.D. His research interests include scheduling and resource allocation, cloud computing, cloud bursting, and high performance computing. His current research involves efficient deployment, scheduling, and management of large scale HPC systems within commercial clouds.

Benjamin Ryne : Undergraduate

Benjamin Ryne


Ben is a junior Computer Science student working in the DICE lab. His interests are working on Data intensive projects with real world applications, and exploring machine learning algorithms. After developing this interest, it made sense to work with HPCC systems established software to solve these complex problems.

Aishwarya Srivastava : Masters Student

Aishwarya Srivastava

Masters Student

Aishwarya is a Computer Science Masters student at Clemson University. Her research interests include Data analysis with a focus on Machine learning algorithms in HPC environment.

Robert Underwood : Ph.D. Candidate

Robert Underwood

Ph.D. Candidate

Robert is a Ph.D. candidate in Clemson. His interests are on the systems side of High Performance Computing. Currently he is investigating network performance factors in containerized environments and reliable computer infrastructure using error bounded lossy compression.

Lili Xu : Ph.D. Candidate

Lili Xu

Ph.D. Candidate

Lily is a fourth year Ph.D. student studying in Computer Science at Clemson University. She is currently doing research in the DICE (Data Intensive Computing Eco-Systems) lab in the School of Computing. Her research mainly focuses on Machine Learning, Parallel and Distributed Computing, High Performance Computing.