We’re always working on a variety of projects. Here is some of what we’ve been working on over the last year.

  • Natural Language Understanding for Customer Feedback Analysis
  • Dynamic Query Construction for High-Volume, High-Velocity Streaming Data
  • Quality and Scalability of Topic Models
  • Efficient deployment, scheduling, and management of large scale HPC systems within commercial clouds.
  • Building a framework for massively parallel parameter sweeps in the cloud.
  • Developing better metrics for exploring and analyzing topic model output.
  • Applying machine learning algorithms to transportation systems
  • Optimizing YinYang K-Mean machine learning algorithm in ECL running on HPCC Systems Platform with larger clusters
  • Using Hadoop MapReduce for large-scale genomic sequencing tasks.
  • Fault tolerance in Software Defined Infrastructure
  • Measuring the effects of latency variation on HPC workloads
  • Applying Word Embeddings techniques to detect and classify posts in online user forums in terms of different complaint types