XWin32 Installation & Operation Instructions

XWin32 is an X terminal emulation program that allows Windows to display an X session from a remote UNIX machine. (Translation: One of the departmental UNIX workstations' desktops shows up on your machine.)


If you are interested in using Xwin from off-campus, you must have the VPN client installed.  Click here for the VPN.


The installation instructions below should work in both Windows XP and Vista.

     1.  You will need to be on campus during the install unless you have the VPN Client connected.  You can either access the software drive through native file access or the Novell Client.  The Novell client can be found here.
          a. Native File Access on Windows
             i.  Type "\\software.clemson.edu\software" into the run prompt in Windows XP, or into the search box in Windows Vista
             ii.  Wait until the login box pops up, and then enter your Clemson University login.
          b.  Novell on Windows
             i.  Log into Novell by right clicking on the Red 'N' in your taskbar and clicking Novell Login.  If you have problems with logging in, contact CCIT.
             ii.  Novell should mount the software drive, usually as Drive R, under my Computer.
     2.  Xwin can be found under \Xwin.  Documentation and the installation key can be found under \Xwin\Documentation.
     3.  Run the installer by double-clicking on it.  Follow the instructions to install the program.  When it asks for name/company, put your name and Clemson University as the company.  The "Complete" installation is recommended.


      There is additional documentation for help under \Xwin\Documentation.
            1.  Start the Xwin program by selecting it from your start menu. A pop-up will ask for a registration method.  If it does not, right click the Xwin icon in the system tray and click on Help -> Register.
            2.  You may need to download the Xwin registration key from the software drive.  It can be found in the documentation folder.  It should be a text file with numbers and letters in it.
                a.  Click the "Load From File" button and select the registration key file you just downloaded. 
Click Finish. 
            3.  Load the X-Config program by right clicking on the Xwin icon in the taskbar and clicking on X-Config.  Use this to set up new machines to connect to.
            4.  On the Sessions tab, click the "Manual" button.  Do this in order:
                    a.  Under Connection Method, choose XDMCP and then click Next
                    b.  Give your session a meaningful name in Session Name:
                    c.  In the "XDMCP Mode" section, click the down arrow and select "Query" In the "Host Name" text box, enter the name of a CS UNIX machine in the form of machinename.cs.clemson.edu.
                         (Note: This may be ANY valid UNIX machine, which includes engineering and math machines.)

                    d.Click the "Save” button on the bottom of the window.
5.  Start the Xwin program and connect to the sessions you have created.  You can select your session by right clicking on the Xwin program item in your taskbar.
            X-Win32 can connect to linux hosts even behind a firewall.  (Taken from here.)
                 Open up TCP port 6000-6005 (plus X-Win32’s base display number) in both directions
                 Open up UDP port 177 to accept incomming connections from any port.
                 If you are using Gnome open up TCP ports 16001 and TCP 35091 in both directions.
                 If you are behind a router using NAT, map those ports to the IP address of your local computer on your LAN. The only other thing is make sure on the Network tab under the X-Config menu, that your display is the correct IP address. This is the address you are telling the host to send the session back to.
                 If you are using SuSE linux firewall, edit /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 changing the default options to the following
                      FW_SERVICES_EXT_UDP=“177 bootpc”

             If you would like to use this program from off-campus, you must have the VPN installed and turned on before you start up Xwin.

Please direct any questions/comments/problems with these instructions to ithelp@clemson.edu.