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B.S. in Computer Science

August 1999
First Semester Second Semester
Freshman Year
CPSC 101 Computer Science I 4(3,2) CPSC 102 Computer Science II 4(3,2)
ENGL 101 Composition I 3(3,0) ENGL 102 Composition II 3(3,0)
MTHSC 106 Cal. of One Var. I 4(4,0) MTHSC 108 Cal. of One Var. II 4(4,0)
Humanities Requirement1 3 Social Science Requirement1 3
Social Science Requirement1 3 Natural Science Requirement2 3
Total hours 17 Total hours 17

Sophomore Year
CPSC 231 Computer Science III 4(3,2) CPSC 241 Computer Science IV 4(3,2)
MTHSC 119 Intro to Discrete Math 3(3,0) ECE 201 Logic and Comput. Devices 3(1,4)
PHYS 122 Physics with Calculus I 3(3,0) MTHSC 311 Linear Algebra 3(3,0)
PHYS 124 Physics Laboratory I 1(0,3) PHYS 221 Physics with Calculus II 3(3,0)
Literature Requirement3 3 PHYS 223 Physics Laboratory II 1(0,3)
CPSC 221 Intro to Comp. Sci. Lang. 1(0,2) SPCH 250 Public Speaking 3(3,0)
Elective 3 CPSC 291 Seminar in Prof. Issues I 1(1,0)
Total hours 18 Total hours 18

Junior Year
CPSC 330 Computer Systems Org. 4(3,2) CPSC 350 Foundations of Comp. Sci. 3(3,0)
CPSC 360 Peripherals and File Design 3(3,0) CPSC 372 Intro. to Software Dev. 3(3,0)
Applications Emphasis4 3 ENGL 314 Technical Writing 3(3,0)
Natural Science Requirement2 3 Applications Emphasis4 3
MTHSC 302 Stat. for Sci. and Eng.
  or MTHSC 301 Stat. Theory and Meth. I
3(3,0) Mathematical Science Requirement5 3
Total Hours 16 Total Hours 15

Senior Year
CPSC 422 Intro to Operating Systems 3(3,0) Application Emphasis4 3
CPSC 428 Design Impl of Prog Lang. 3(3,0) Computer Science Requirement6 3
CPSC 491 Seminar in Prof. Issues II 1(1,0) Non-Technical Requirement7 3
Applications Emphasis4 3 Humanities/Social Science Req. 3
Computer Science Requirement6 3 Elective 4
Elective 3
Total Hours 16 Total Hours 16
133 Total Semester Hours

1Selected to satisfy Humanities and Social Science General Education Requirements.
2Selected from the department list of approved natural science courses.
3Selected from: ENGL 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, H210.
4Consists of 12 hours in an application area as specified by the department.
5Selected from: MTHSC 400, 405, 440, 441, 460, or other approved 400-level MTHSC courses.
6Selected from 400-level CPSC courses. One of the two elective CPSC courses must be from 411, 429, 462 and 472.
7Selected from departmental list.


Application Areas

Application emphasis areas currently include Accounting and Finance, Astronomy, Art, Bioengineering, Biological Sciences, Business Applications, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Decision Science, Geology, Graphics, Hardware Design, Industrial Management, Management Science, Mathematical Sciences, Music, Numerical Analysis, Physics, and Psychology. Other areas can be considered.

Natural Science Requirement

The curriculum requires the physics sequence PHYS 122, 124, 221 and 223, which fulfills the University requirement for a two semester sequence in the same laboratory science. For the remaining natural science requirement, select 6 hours from biology (BIOL), chemsitry (CHEM), geology (GEOL), botany (BOT), biochemistry (BIOCH), biological sciecne (BIOSC), microbiology (MICRO), astronomy (ASTR, must be 200-level or above) and physics (PHYS). Note credit cannot be received for PHYS 200, 207, or 208 since PHYS 122 is already required.

Non-Technical Elective

This requirement may be met by any course that does not have a technical or scientific emphasis. Typical types of courses that meet this requirement include African American Studies, Anthropology, Art, Art and Architectural History, Design Studies, Economics, Education, English, Geography, Foreign Languages, Health, History, Horticulture, Leisure Skills, Music, Psychology, Religon, Sociology, Speech, Theater, and Women's Studies. Courses which include technology in the course description, such as "History of Technology," are excluded.

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